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Alquimia USA, supplier of organic chia, and other plant-based superfoods to major brands and retail outlets in the US market needed to define themselves. We created a logo and icons that illustrate their process of carefully looking after high quality product grown on sustainable family co-op farms. The inverted “V” represents cover, caring, shelter and quality control — a motif repeated in the logo and icons for the brand.

Created Logo, Branded Icons, Identity, Packaging, Collateral, Trade Show Booth Design, Newsletter


Making life simple for LG worldwide

LG Appliances needed a series of logos to highlight their product technologies. These had to function across different media as well as on the products themselves. Logos were developed for a washer, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and oven.

Created Logo, Logo Guidelines

LOGO - LG 1500crop.jpg

Design combats poverty in NYC

Columbia University’s Population Research Center and Robin Hood have been working together to understand how low-income residents cope with difficult circumstances. We designed a Poverty Tracker to demonstrate the dynamics of poverty...

NPR's Pam Fessler reported on the findings.

Created Logo, Logo Lockup, Quarterly Report Template and 3-page Summary

CAring for careers as well as cancer

Cancer+Careers provide vital job support for working people with or surviving cancer. The logo along with the icon system provide a telegraphic connection for people throughout their experience with the brand on online, through social media and in printed toolkits and guides.

Created Logo, Logo/Tagline Lockup, Branded Icons, Website Reskin, Social Media Reskins, Email Templates, Web Banners, Style Guide

Tasty food that’s also good food

We named and created the logo for a line of entirely natural foods that were healthy as well as delicious. The identity we created helped the product become the #1 fiber bar in the US.

Created Name, Logo, Packaging, Website Templates, Identity Pieces, Collateral

designing Benefits at-a-glance for Lg

While developing consumer and sales materials for LG’s new Steamwash washing machine, we created icons to quickly communicate product benefits. We assembled a team of designers and writers to convert everything into a single-minded message for people to use.

Created Icons and applied them to Consumer Catalog and Leaflet, Sales Training Guide

a CI that fits MAIDENFORM perfectly

We created the Maidenform logo featuring the letter “M” while highlighting either a shape for bras or panties. The hangtags were embossed with different sized domes to show how different styles fit the body and offer different amounts of coverage.

Created Logo, Hangtags


selling NYC from A–Z

Alphabet City is a company that sells images of letter forms made from everyday objects in NYC. Some letters are from demolished landmarks. Some letters are familiar to those in the know. Each letter is isolated onto a coaster, stickers or wall art and can be used to spell what strikes your fancy or displayed as an alphabet.

Created Logo

art THAT’s worth staying up for

Taking advantage of an international art crowd in NYC for the Armory show in Manhattan, Williamsburg Galleries in Brooklyn invited them to showings of provocative art after 11pm.

Created Logos, Email, Ad, Banner and Postcard